Environmental protection paper supporter products molding process is introduced.

2020-08-03 18:27:54 admin888 3

Paper packaging is use of waste paper, paper pulp and sugarcane pulp fiber as raw material, through molding the three-dimensional paper material, because has the very good performance and environmental protection, is widely used at present, the dada to introduce the development history of paper holder packing:


Paper supporting technology and the first product was first appeared in Denmark, and formed in the 60 s have can automated assembly line production, but haven't form a widely used at the time. Until the plastic packaging in daily life and production caused a lot of white pollution, be badly in need of a new type of environmental protection packaging materials on the market, the paper packaging received attention, now Europe and the United States and other developed countries have successively development and promotion of the technology, led paper packaging industry's development.

But our country paper industry development has had a slow start, so far only about 20 years of history, but in the process of continuously introduce and learn foreign technology, so the paper industry development is very rapid, number has been on the market of paper manufacturer. And with the progress of technology, paper holder as well from the past simple cheap products, such as eggs, fruit, beer bottles, gradually to develop in the direction of high-end products of inner packaging!

At present domestic paper industry technology also has been very mature, able to mass produce cost reduction, the paper's performance is also improved, with superior environmental protection sex, the buffer material, anti-static and moisture-proof performance, also can open mould according to the requirements of all kinds of paper packaging, so the different industries in the field of enterprises, become the product packaging is very good choice!

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