Paper products structure design parameters analytical!

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Because of the demand for paper holder is not the same industry field, and the size of different products and is not the same, paper holder customized design is used as packing in general, the following dada will paper products custom design involves parsing parameters to you about:


 (1) size and wall thickness of paper the most basic requirement is to ensure that the supporting structure design and by close contact between the packing materials, prevent the package in the circulation process generated string, so the paper packaging structure design must be compact in size, on the basis of the subsequent cushion and shock to consider. And the wall thickness is one of the important factors affect the strength of paper holder, satisfy the intensity of paper holder can reduce quantity of wall thickness under the premise of what needs to be done.

(2) the draft: in the paper packaging molding process, wet paper form close to on the network model and paper material fiber will inlay in the mesh network model, in order to facilitate the transfer of wet paper mould, parallel to the parting direction of the surface of the paper holder should have a reasonable draft. Slope stripping more convenient, the greater the Angle is too small, demoulding difficulty, also can cause paper holder surface marks or broken. Slope in general will reduce the paper size accuracy, can also affect the paper's bearing capacity and elastic restoring force, the current general draft pick up 3 ° - 6 °.

(3) transition arc: paper holder structure design, paper holder, stud and body connection place inside and outside surface of the corner and tud terminals must be with circular arc transition, avoid to straight edge right angles. Paper holder packing arc transition is advantageous to the mould manufacturing and attached to the network, is advantageous to the wet paper mold transfer mold release, is advantageous to the paper slurry material in the flow of adsorption time molding, but also to avoid the stress concentration caused by packing damage. Transition arc radius can be depending on the material performance and the special requirements of packaging products and paper to determine, generally for 2 -- 5 mm.

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