Paper holder packing will replace the traditional bubble of several factors.

2020-08-03 18:28:48 admin888 2

Paper packaging favor by many enterprises at home and abroad at present, with its superior performance and environmental characteristics, and gradually replace the use of a lot of traditional packaging, damage to the environment and the future will replace the foam packaging, dada analysis for everybody below the paper holder packing will replace the traditional bubble of several factors.


(1) simple and practical technology, basic pollution-free production process, meets the requirement of clean production. Coupled with a high degree of its equipment localization, popularized very conducive to the project, the current domestic many paper manufacturers can achieve rapid batch production paper holder packing!

(2) the wide raw material sources, low cost. It mainly use waste paper or annual herb plant fiber pulp, the raw materials can adjust measures to local conditions, local materials, unlimited, unlimited!

(3) the quality of light, recovery of low cost, can be used repeatedly. Good earthquake resistance and buffer, the use of suspension way to produce good adsorption, can effectively protect the product, from handling damage on the way!

(4) from the dry pressing paper production used in waste treatment, environmental pollution-free, less water consumption in the production process, no waste water discharge, reduce the pollution of the environment!

(5) pulp molding products have good water imbibition, hydrophobic insulating and stays, and good permeability for fresh product packaging has a unique advantage. Deposit volume is small, can overlap, save stacking space and shipping costs!

(6) can be according to the different requirements of users, for the product surface quality, color, and graphic elements appearance, after processing, in order to meet the needs of commodity exhibition. Pulp and various additives can be added according to customer requirements, customize different kinds of paper holder packing!

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