How to improve the efficiency of paper's dry production process?

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With mature production technology, paper holder can be mass produced extensively at present, but in the paper production process, the drying is one of very important process, and occupy a larger production cost, the production process of how to improve the drying efficiency of paper holder?


Paper holder of fiber raw material is only about 1% of paper pulp, forming wet sheet after the mechanical crushing method is adopted to wet sheet moisture content to 55%, while the paper after molding moisture content as high as 65% - 75%, difficult to use mechanical method to reduce the water content, in the paper the process of production, per kilogram of paper supporter products through the dry process to removal of about 3.5 to 4.5 KG of water, both from the lower production cost and improving the quality of paper supporter ways, improve drying efficiency is important!

By the paper fiber as the main component of wet paper form, is an internal porous objects with capillary structure, water exists on the surface of the fiber and fiber between capillary pore. General requirements for product of the inner packing paper supporter products has a good dynamic cushioning performance, the water can't use mechanical crushing way to remove, and need to dry for removal. Therefore, compared with conventional sheet drying process, large intensity of drying of paper pulp molding products.

Hot air as a heat source to provide energy to remove moisture, on the one hand, on the other hand, as water carrier, will continue to evaporate the water away. The moisture in wet press paper holder in addition to relying on moisture diffusion inside and outside the spread, internal diffusion refers to the water in the wet paper holder from inside to outside the migration process, spread out is refers to the process of being taken away after the moisture evaporation from the surface. Paper dry rate depends on the moisture inside, outside the diffusion speed and the balance between the two coordinate, the reasonable process conditions should be around the above two aspects and drying property of paper supporter products to develop!

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