What are the commonly used the structure of the green paper holder?

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Environmental protection as a widely used new packaging, paper in the process, color, the structure has a variety of different types to choose from, can meet different application requirements of enterprise, what are the common structure which environmental protection paper holder?


No edge structure paper holder:

Edge refers to the paper template model structure and the forming face parallel to the surface, structure of the side wall of the outer peripheral to the structure of body between the structure of the component. The width of the edge size refers to the change of structure component of value. No edge on the structure shape, the actual minimum edge size less than 2 mm. No edge in lateral cushioning, mainly from the overall choice and processing. Can tilt on or around the structure of the lateral wall perpendicular to the direction of the load, and can be obtained from this Angle to adjust the buffering effect!

The small edge structure paper holder:

Paper holder structure in the small edge, the edge is usually 8-15 mm size. Small edge structure on the stress of the edge direction and cushion and edge length and the spatial correlation of deformable, more used to put under the way of fixed and buffer, suitable for light weight packaging application conditions.

Turn down the structure paper holder:

In turn along the structure form of paper holder, edge structure to lateral extension and skirt outer, make environmental protection paper holder structure form relatively complete external wall in appearance. Usually in order to make the packaged products in contact with the surface side of the paper holder to ensure the accuracy of the packaging and fixed size, at the same time, the relatively smooth surface side show outer surface, use turn along the structure form of ideal!

Heavy load structure of the paper holder:

Heavy load structure in the form of paper supporter to withstand load as the main application purpose. Paper holder mold structure of this kind of structure form, or by increasing thickness of die bodies, or by increasing the die body side arrangement density for the bearing capacity of the structure and the need of overall rigidity. Heavy load structure of paper holds more than the packaging and transportation of heavy goods packing the collection!

Paper holder chamber structure and composite structures:

Chamber structure in the form of paper using composite mould to production and processing, paper holder in structure is a form of closed cavity or molding for small open container. Chamber structure in the form of paper holder need a special molding equipment and process to complete its production and processing, this paper holder as a container or more decoration!

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