Environmental protection paper supporter products molding process is introduced.

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Environmental protection paper holder is favored by many industry fields of new packaging, so the domestic also have emerged a lot of paper manufacturers, and the paper production process a vacuum the slip casting and molding in two categories, the dada as an introduction to environmental protection paper holder products molding process!


At present there are two broad categories: paper pulp molding production technology abroad slip casting and vacuum molding in:

1, vacuum pulp molding in: paper-plastic products is the most popular a kind of method. On the basis of its structure and there are three different ways: drum type, tilting, reciprocating lift.

Continuity rotary drum type: production, high production efficiency, die bei large investment, high precision mould processing, machining accuracy technical requirements of the equipment are high, with eight - set of concave die sets of punch. Need CNC center processing mould, processing cycle is long, large investment. Because is a continuous production, suitable for mass production of finalize the design product, if the plate, plate, eggs. For industrial molding production due to the non-standard, quantity is big, small batch, mold investment, so do not apply.

Tilting: a drum type production efficiency is low, suitable for industrial molding medium batch and non-standard production, but because it is a set of match two sets of punch die, need CNC center processing mould, die bei large investment, long cycle. Reciprocating lift: with tilting, production efficiency is the most common mode of production, due to the equipment is only one set of punch die form a complete set, not by CNC processing center, especially suitable for non-standard, small batch, fast cycle of industrial packaging products (industrial packaging products mold production cycle usually within 10 days)

2, slip casting, injection forming method is according to the different pulp packaging products, calculate the required amount of pulp (material) and quantitative adsorption molding injection molding cavity. The molding method adapted to the change is not big, finalize the design of standard products, commonly used in the molding tableware products, due to finalize the design calculation is difficult to master, in non-standard paper-plastic packaging, industrial packaging) do not use this displayed.

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