Communications equipment of paper

2020-08-03 18:32:12 1

Molded pulp cushion packaging products (hereinafter referred to as the paper holder) in waste newspapers and waste paper cartons, paper, or printing of leftover material as raw material, through hydraulic pulper, ingredients and additives into a certain concentration of slurry, paste on the special metal mold by vacuum adsorption into wet billet products, forming a good wet and dry, hot pressing integer. Its application fields, including electronics, electrical appliances, communications equipment, computer accessories, glass, ceramics, lighting, handicrafts, cosmetics, health products, wine, fruit, eggs, etc.

Communications equipment class paper/pulp mold a good shock resistance and the buffer, anti-static, effectively protect products, explosion-proof. This kind of paper/pulp mold and traditional packaging materials, such as styrofoam (EPS), EPE foam, such as volume is small, can overlap deposit, savings piled up space.

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