Car hub of paper

2020-08-03 18:31:56 4

Scope: automobile wheel hub paper holder class car wheel hub of paper packaging

Purpose: the car wheel hub, automobile wheel hub, electric wheel friction, the train wheels, bicycle wheel hub.

1, automobile wheel hub paper pulp fiber, 100% green, ROHS/REACH/SGS testing meet the standard, promotes the export of products, also conforms to the people more and more high request of product environmental protection,

2, automobile wheel hub paper is finding wider and wider scope, along with the advance of the pulp molding technology, the use of foam rubber, EVA, blister and cardboard tube with inner packaging products are paper holder is basic to replace;

3, automobile wheel hub paper also anti-static, anti-corrosion, shockproof performance is better than that of foam rubber, EVA, blister, this is because the foam rubber, EVA, blister products protection function is determined by its material buffer.

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